Rattus Rattus Incognito

Clinging the rat sucks and gnaws

belying its tenacity to subtly overcome,

nibble by nibble lick by lick it harpoons

seeing flesh ready willing and able

it never ends


overcome by the innuendo

Crucifying Climax PK CAT-ROOM sometime 11.11.2016 i loved him instantly

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Crucifying Climax PK CAT-ROOM sometime 11.11.2016

Inserted with a Fluid Fixed Kiss

A light switch is flicked, her eyes open she gasps with release from that unknown place. La petite morte the French call it.

She felt a rush of warm heightened fuzzy feelings through her veins. The after affect.

She wants to turn over and back to the apogee.

Wrap the duvet and sleep deeply from this dream.

‘Its ok’ she heard a voice whispering close to her left ear ‘you fainted’

‘Who is that’ sickly fear was back, the dream was over and the relief vanished.


She is boomeranged back to the meleé and to whatever was going on.

Back to the future, the light, the white room, the blue people, Mr Earnest, her corporeality.

Now an amorphous phantom Mr Earnest was tense looking.


Ahhhhhh my leg, my leg she screamed silently. She felt she was imposing with this intermittent cry out. An electrical current torpedoes down her limb.

The pain Oh God she was muted by pain.

An orgasmic leg he must be good.

‘What is she saying’? said Mr Earnest.

The mask again it shuts her down.

Damn she can’t talk or be heard.

She turn to Mr Earnest and looks at his adrenaline filled pools of blue.

His pupils pin points in the event horizon shudder.


Now of its own volition the leg levitates she is in agony.

capturing meShe tries to force it down but the brain and body are not talking, then she glances down at her foot and with all her strength wills it back, Christ nothing.

She feels like an impostor in a strange room  in a room full of strangers in a room full of dread.

Someone is standing at the end of her bed.

They slowly ease her leg back to where it came from.

She wanted to cry to get up to leave she loves him why-how.

Desperate to move herself away from this fuss she is stuck and immovable.

Getting from where she was to where she has ended up was a fugue moment.

Mr Earnest stepped back; she couldn’t comprehend this moment or any of the previous ones.

She was wheeled into another room away from the bizarre.

Brown eyes appears, he is talking to her she is answering feeling amnesic, forlorn, frightened.

What Happened!

I love him.





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TALOS was a giant, bronze automoton or living statue forged by the divine smith Hephaistos. Zeus presented him to his lover Europa, as her personal protector, after delivering her to the island of Krete (Crete). Others imagined him as a bronze bull or the last of the bronze race of men.

Talos was given the task of patrolling the island, circling it three times in a day, and driving pirates from the shore with volleys of rocks or a fiery death-embrace. He was eventually destroyed by Poeas or the Dioskouroi twins with the aid of the magic of the witch Medea, when he tried to prevent the Argonauts from the landing on the island.

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