Sleep is temporary death time -being dead is time entwined eternally

She knew death temporarily waking up after her hip operation-a knee operation-a broken pelvis-she was knocked unconscious at least 5 times.

She also knew she was booked for a 2nd hip op in June.


Gutenberg Doing My Knowing In Game nearly Over
Gutenberg Doing My Knowing In Game nearly Over


She had been in oblivion a place no one knows but being there is silence. It is not categorisible it is beyond comprehension and human knowing-somewhere but where is where-a black hole a subsumption of all the external and informational-it is unknown.

These temporary timeouts are to the wander lustre a place beyond all cognition and recognition.

When she would become conscious after these time lapses her surroundings were frightening-the air-the lights-the colours-the people-the world.

There was an inner cry for release, but it was always imprisonment. Shackled to the earth’s time bomb.

Why do people fear death it can’t be bad or good it is silence. Endless. Over. Timeless.

It is the living who cannot face the death of another. This right to be forever. The expectancy of the living to control life in a never ending prevention-delay-deny-hinder-obstruct an others excursion to uncharted fateful destinies.

And it certainly cannot be worse than this hell hole she thought.

14 long years here-what exactly was her purpose did she need 1 no-did she have 1 no-pulled and pushed-force fed-depressed-oppressed-suppressed-rightless-voiceless-ignored-afraid.


Hello Mercy, my friend have you come for me?



youth and abundance where the cup does not overflow

The paradox of youth

No it’s not all about you

It’s useful to see how stars form in order to understand the root of this “paradox”. The simple and most basic view of star formation involves a cloud of gas and dust collapsing under its own gravity. This happens as its mass reaches the Jean’s mass, at which point gravity overcomes the expansion of the cloud due to its thermal energy (basically its kinetic energy). Dense areas of the cloud begin to form protostars as matter in the cloud comes together, and these eventually turn into stars.

Either the stars formed somewhere else more distant and then moved near the black hole, or there is a slightly modified process for the formation of these stars that would work near the black hole. These seemingly unlikely processes proposed to explain the presence of the large number of young stars have together been grouped under the name “The Paradox of Youth”.

Once Eros arrives Thanatos cannot be far behind and life cycle of monarch butterfly

Once Eros arrives Thanatos cannot be far behind

and life cycle of monarch butterfly

She was in death’s pupa stage, it had cast its mantle over her and she never left.

It squeezed her so tight she couldn’t breath. This instar is a temporary cover to protect you from the initial state of shock. You have five instars she hadn’t left one

Death at any time is difficult, sudden death is like Sisyphus hiding from it, it is going to get you, and you just can’t prepare for it.

She wasn’t prepared.

She needs now to peep out at the temporal world and in time she will see the eternal and peace.

The thread of death is never cut, only the thread of life is cut.

You can never forget anything that is connected to the Gods.

Once the thread of someone’s life is cut it will never be severed from your own self.

Pulling off the pupa is difficult you can’t force it but you can help it. As she lay transfixed the wind of her hands went over her body.

She continued telling her that the negative spirits and energy were being pulled out of her.

Don’t fight it.

The panic rose. Slowly she was told let it out as the wind of her hands dragged all her energy away.

She herself could feel the strength of her; it was if the instars had welded together, she asked her to sit up.

Her back was a selection of monticule like calcified stones; a cold stiff chrysalis where kneading them did nothing.

She pulled back her shoulder and pressed her vertebrae, all the way down tittles of ice like ore, this metamorphoses would take time. She tried the other shoulder gently forcing it as far back as it would go.

She sighed.

So did she.


She lay back down, wait there, she ran to the attic for a crystal and oil.

When she came back fear was washing over her, being alone in this state is punishment.

She placed the crystal on her head and got her to smell the oil.

She wanted to talk but sometimes the talk is over, it’s now doing time.

Continuously she swept her hands over her, pulling from the stomach, releasing tightness.

Then the head where she was crucified by thoughts and feverish memories.

Shush came into the room and stood mesmerised.

The intensity of this ritual was exhausting she felt the perspiration running down her back.

Would you sit up?

And they talked then for an hour.

Talk was of












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