When even under a mountain of earth the pull of him is agonising

he knows how to one

he knows how to one

lift the sleeping spirit

carry it to the tomb

moan its glory


and tightness


flaccid curling

wipes its


on the



only he



Maybe it’s Sophocles

Maybe it’s Sophocles

THE ELAPHOS KERYNITIS (or Cerynitian Hind) was a golden-Maybe it's Sophocleshorned deer sacred to the goddess Artemis. Some say the deer was a gift from the Nymph Taygete and was one of five, the other four drawing the chariot of the goddess.

Herakles was sent to fetch it as one of his twelve labours. After chasing the swift animal for a full year he finally captured it on Mount Artemision in Arkadia. When the goddess Artemis complained at the treatment of her animal, whose horn the hero had broken off in the struggle, he persuaded her to let him borrow it for the completion of his Labour.

The hind may have been assigned a Constellation like the other beasts of Herakles’ labours.

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