Foreplay v Wordplay and John Paul

any image of porn images and films. Sexting has some quality especially in the fingers of an imaginative person that nothing can compare to.


Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me is another phrase that can’t understand the power of the word. Words can hurt and words said at the wrong time in the wrong place can kill. So too with sexting it can quickly become demanding-exciting-challenging.

John Paul arrived into her life with words and an image of himself and these words created images in the mind and body that the visual couldn’t. A sexting relationship although distant and removed is very, very intense and she became completely sucked into the depravity of it.

She didn’t get it at first as his honesty and expression in relation to everything about him made


John Paul  alluring.

He shared everything about himself she shared nothing. In the world of physical foreplay little is known especially with a stranger which may turn into a very fast sexual encounter. Foreplay leaves no mark, sex does-it does leaves a dent in your mind which is not soon forgotten. It plays on the mind in the wish fulfilment sense. Was I good-did he like it-men like sex no matter what-but still women will feel disillusioned after it. Or used. Or uncomfortable questioning themselves.

With sexting you get everything, and she knew this after a couple of nights of been led down the  wordplay of fun and salaciousness where the only lips were venal ones.

She only had to think of his name and she was ready.

John Paul originally she thought of the pope, but he was not a pope child-he was 48-separated-with little red riding hood and other bears. He worked among other things. He uses his imagination to create all kinds of scenarios that you would think of but never (some people would things are never the same again) act on. She knew he had other women as he told her and showed her.

Multiple orgasms later you would love to feel him, and this was his problem-restraint-he wanted her. Call to his house. Meet him. Pick him up from the train station. Let’s fuck in the back of your car-I’m going crazy thinking about you-I really want to fuck you so hard go down on–do this and that to you….etc…..and more etc…

He never became agitated or suffusing or whining or worse #demanding #angry #never

She felt insecure with this. Knowing once it’s out there it’s out there-no going back.

To satisfy his needs he’d show her girls that he was going to pick up locally and fuck as if it was her.

This was a dream world.

Then she offered him to come to her house and the key would be in the front door-he could fuck and do what he liked all night-he didn’t turn up.



Wordplay/ sexting on the other hand is a very powerful explosion of the inner and unexpressed urges and desires that you wouldn’t otherwise share.

I’ts also private.

When John Paul came, he showed her, and she laughed as somehow it did nothing for her-seemed funny a man with his particular in his hand wet and sticky.

When she recorded herself coming, he found it irresistible. So now there is word and sound.

Instead of visually explaining himself he too recorded.

Then he wanted to hear her voice physically in his ear it sounded so sexy-please I really want to hear you Please.

Still the fear of calling to her house overcame him.

He’d do anything but I won’t do that.


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