engineering passive suicide

Engineering Passive Suicide

Engineering something is easy once you know how. The easiest thing to engineer is behaviour.

People in power know this. Without stating the obvious you’re one click away from being controlled.

Engineering passive suicide.

First of all what is passive suicide?

Passive suicide is a form of death that one is complicit in-in an organised and controlled manner.

It can also be engineered and encouraged tacitly in

one form or another: people-events-media-atmospheres-legal drugs-radio-films-plays-pornography-social media-talk shows-help shows-social media, hints and emotional vampires (who themselves can’t help this mental state), art, sculpture, fast talkers, knowledge and subtle incitement.

Studies show that from politicians to peacocks-institutions to addicts can be engineered and made either compliant or recalcitrant.

People in power look to the mind experts of academia to find out how.

Among the best behavioural Psychologists were Skinner, Pavlov, Bandura, Zimbardo.

Engineering passive suicide is like putting a fly in jam. They love the jam but not the sticky bit so they keep fighting against the stickiness. Slowly each leg is extricated.

Ultimately the fly



All methods of engineering are executed by man and nature.

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