America captures the hearts minds money of the Never endings of Never Prey on the Prey-we were victims of the knife cutting he went into my soul. He took my arm, cut it and I don't know how it happened but we were destiny. She said he said they can't speak shut up and fuck me.
America captures the hearts and minds and money of the endings

Nighty off. Blackness lifted her off the wheelchair and lowered her into the uncomfortably cold water. Oh, oh  she stuttered. Lifting up one breast with the nonchalance of a child licking a lollipop, blackness rubbed it lifting the soft swelling flesh up cleaning under it and around- pushing it to her underarm then he cupped

beautiful man from whiter shade of pale blue eyes
muse the sexual connection

Muse affect It’s hard to imagine or explain the intrinsic affect a muse has on your internal world. It becomes a mass of confusion – exposed- and at the same time subsumed by a mantle of desire and resistance. It’s agonal and Lazarus coming together. The breath is excoriated by unannounced whimpers of assent, how