the locust plague of unquestioning unctuousness is detrimental to all living things diving into the prurient pit

you settle in your mind that brings are as they seem then Midas appears

it’s impossible to assemble the disassembled mind of heroes

they are substitutes for the eventuality of what you consider irrelevant but to them it was relevant

Foreplay v Wordplay and John Paul

Sexting the answer to unresolved sexual desire minus the complications of the thre main characters in the play possession-jea

Having a sexting orgasm with JP better than the real thing!?

A man who knows what to do with words in the best way for sex.

it started on the edge of reason when there is in fact no reasonableness in the purity of reason: only destruction

the human is the must convoluted complexing lying charlatan to ever have graced my earthly space

A Christmas Childhood by Patrick Kavanagh-Solitude-Isolation-Memories as then is today:with more comes more

a poem that invokes times past of how good the celebration was of hearts that were tired and broken, where sowing the seeds of

SPUNK backbone and self possession are his in abundance FEEL ITs HOTness

spunk meaning dripping with sperm is to categorically declare I'm coming and there is nothing that can be done about that

Passive suicide engineered by the pleasure principle BODIES BY JOSIE LONG BBC4

Passive suicide can be inculcated by outside forces unknown to the individual. It's a form of monomania from where there is no

In Juxtaposition We are Raised Beyond the Insatiable


It can’t be said any other way