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Mirror in February

The day dawns with scent of must and rain,
Of opened soil, dark trees, dry bedroom air.
Under the fading lamp, half dressed – my brain
Idling on some compulsive fantasy-
I towel my shaven jaw and stop, and stare,
Riveted by a dark exhausted eye,
A dry downturning mouth.

It seems again that it is time to learn,
To which, for the time being, I return.
In this untiring, crumbling place of growth
Now plainly in the mirror of my soul
I read that I have looked my last on youth
And little more; for they are not made whole
That reach the age of Christ.

Below my window the awakening trees,
Hacked clean for better bearing, stand defaced
Suffering their brute necessities,
And how should the flesh not quail that span for span
Is mutilated more? In slow distaste
I fold my towel with what grace I can,
Not young and not renewable, but man.

Scrying Touch and Go – Would You Go to Bed with me Touch and Go

He stared- caught in the glass lit prism

the oneiri illuminated a mind reading~ the face morphed

to a blob fish

the autonomic nervous system

a silent confabulation with beats


A scry once before and now

laying on the catafalque holding the tension of the living

while he decathects

with his life saving catheter

lifes dream


What that can do to you
What that can do to you

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