bbc sounds with Josie Long DEEP TIME

the unfathomable amazement of him moving like a projectile

splurt here comes the volcanic eruption of heat and passion:he’s arrived

Engineering Passive Suicide

Engineering something is easy once you know how. The easiest thing to engineer is behaviour.

People in power know this. Without stating the obvious you’re one click Continue reading “Engineering Passive Suicide”

he’s seen it thousands of times before, it defies the natural order of life and death.

It deprives the soul gatherers their right to  nourish and feed the dead on their way.

There’s never a way out once the man with the smiling and focused face-his bag of tools-his fleet of foot enters Euclids equation- you can’t stop him said Ra to Imentet.

Distract her, distract him make him stop-make……..him stop I don’t want that soul lost in the netherlands of damnation.

Then it happened…………he looked at her……….





When something magical happens sing Hey Jude
When something magical happens sing ‘Hey Jude’

They landed in the same


surrounded by


and commotion

talk and chatter instant


and as their

moons eclipsed


event horizon

there you will behold

the living


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