When he touched her wet he drained obsequiously in the shallow oxygen and hallucinated

you open it -it throbs-beats-staring down you lift it up and kiss it with your soft kissable lips

Unquenchable pleasure:why-how-id-FROM THE HEART JOSIE LONG BBC4

https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0007wvz   JOSIE LONG Unquenchable pleasure:why-how-id  

Engineering Passive Suicide

Engineering Passive Suicide Engineering something is easy once you know how. The easiest thing to engineer is behaviour. Peopl

Charlotte Mew: The Heart of Hidden Things -AUDIO BBC Sounds Unexplainable beauty of words flowing from the heart

Charlotte Mew inner insanity freed with the art of words. Wide awake with her dark brown stare....and turned the key upon her

The Windhover (Common Kestral) by Gerald Manley Hopkins he hovered I love him

the kestral remains against the plight of the future static accepting all angst.


There is no end

When science just can’t explain everything

when the night drags like a tadpole undulating towards metamorphosis when the day seeks the night rotating blackness in here a

Whipped up by Nature

Rest in Peace Paul Allen

Rest in Peace Paul Allen

Indoctrination Closes Catholics Critical Faculties; to Fuck Children it’s Canonical

Papal approved silent hunters killing pure minds with their paedophilic priestly penises

Where Was Mother Mary to Save Them!

with papal approval go the silent hunters killing pure minds with their paedophilic priestly penises

Slaughtered Sacrificial Lamb is the Papal Filth

silent hunters killing pure minds with their paedophilic priestly cocks

Suffer Little Children: Papal Paedophiles

you know not the hour or day when a child was fucked by a papal paedophilic priest

Suffer Little Children:Priests Fuck You

selected for a daily dose of cock sucking paedophilic priestly terror

Suffer Little Children-Christ’s Cross of Misery ‘Hell on Earth’

The Vatican is a recluse for paedophiles, drawn there for the power and their control over young children.

hash-rehash ####

HASH-REHASH- #### The common starter drug but equally with the prefix‘re’ becomes what we  see, hear and speak what makes

We’re rotting

We’re rotting Better to believe that no meditation yoga or chant will eviscerate,excoriate the pain within Accept look o

It’s time to pray

it's when you see it and it dissolves right in front of you you know it's alchemical.