Wipeout with shades of the blues

When you listen/look/hear/think/imagine about media of any kind-life and living sounds like a formula-well it is. In their most insidious way Google and its algorithms are controlling our behaviours from actions to thoughts-verbal to written-reactions to consequences and unintended outcomes. Our lives are not ours any more they actually are a formula-Googles and all Media.

America captures the hearts minds money of the Never endings of Never Prey on the Prey-we were victims of the knife cutting he went into my soul. He took my arm, cut it and I don't know how it happened but we were destiny. She said he said they can't speak shut up and fuck me.
standing there he looked at her smiling with that Brad Pitt in the wardrobe smile of 'oh shit don't'as George Clooney pulled the trigger and shot him
tempestuousness in the beautiful man cannot be contained
shortest day of 2019
When he screwed around with fates time
when ignoring the fates is at your peril
into the unknown
muse the sexual connection
muse the sexual connection
muse the sexual connection

Muse affect It’s hard to imagine or explain the intrinsic affect a muse has on your internal world. It becomes a mass of confusion – exposed- and at the same time subsumed by a mantle of desire and resistance. It’s agonal and Lazarus coming together. The breath is excoriated by unannounced whimpers of assent, how

pacify your lover Lucretius would say man and his cup of love