Sow a thought and you reap an action;

sow an act and you reap a habit;

sow a habit and you reap a character;

sow a character and you reap a destiny.” Emerson

or to self-actualise sometimes it is best to just be: be ordinary: be yourself: be content: be in the world: be good: be nothing more than live a frugal and ethical life

knowledge is power

and when people of less character attain it







Bishop of Rome Can’t do it. Circumlocution Best Line of Defence which further frustrates the victims interiority.

Passive papal player won’t make amends so you have the Bishop of Rome who takes no responsibility and leaves the inner Childs traumatised psyche forced even deeper into a living hell on earth.

Jokers to the right- jokers to the left.

Pope Just Couldn’t Prostrate Himself

Unlike Jesus who washed his disciples feet the pope showed his hand by not humbling himself today.

He took the retrained route and glossed over the pain and suffering of those abused and fucked by his priests.

This supports the priests collar of paedophiles.

So many priests lay prone on children’s backs as they squirted liquidised holy communion into their anuses.

The pope had an opportunity today to kneel in sympathy and throw himself to the mercy of those who were left in deep shame and grief for lost childhoods for something they could not have known but knew it was bad-wrong-disgusting-evil-filthy.

But he didn’t- he couldnt- he wouldn’t allow himself that expression of softness and humanity to his fellow man and ask for their forgiveness.

Such strategists will rot in their mind.


A filthy small little State concealing it’s shit albeit representing a huge religion. The can of worms is open now, they have nowhere to hide, see where they go from here. They have lost the moral integrity of Jesus. How they can pontificate His ways is hypocritical to the extreme.

Capital Gained With Penitential Docility:Let the Games Begin
Capital Gained With Penitential Docility:Let the Games Begin

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