Tumescent Terminus PTCA PK et al 11.11.2016 @11.11

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The natural order is now so disordered and unnatural that sequential is inconsequential

THE HORAI (or Horae) were the Goddesses of the seasons and the natural portions of time. They presided over the revolutions of

deep intense lover savaged by the mocking inane and orgulous society who rips (rip) your heart out and gnaws it

asking unwittingly but the depth of hatred evolves into a smirky smile of distaste: you can see it in their eyes- smell it o

the wayfarer coiled around the sea draining it of dreams subsumed by anodyne insinuations and fuck you’s

when the sea subsumes you with its watery gift of sinking pulls you down WITH WORDS and FLOAT

it started on the edge of reason when there is in fact no reasonableness in the purity of reason: only destruction

the human is the must convoluted complexing lying charlatan to ever have graced my earthly space

A Christmas Childhood by Patrick Kavanagh-Solitude-Isolation-Memories as then is today:with more comes more

a poem that invokes times past of how good the celebration was of hearts that were tired and broken, where sowing the seeds of

splurt here comes the volcanic eruption of heat and passion: he’s arrived-DEEP TIME BBC4 short cuts Josie Long

what a man he's too beautiful for me just the feel of him would have me subsumed and enveloped by fire

SPUNK backbone and self possession are his in abundance FEEL ITs HOTness

spunk meaning dripping with sperm is to categorically declare I'm coming and there is nothing that can be done about that

Untethered lust meets up with erotic sensory pleasure: HIMnHER

Eros God of Lust and erotic pleasure was not divined erotic God for no reason, everything sensory was his to play with.

Violent liar kills your inner self treating you like a dog:the dog was lucky

LIAR signs he listens to squeals of my dog dying in his mother’s house by hanging the signs= he cries-threats-manipulates