ATTACK is the best form of defence- man’s inhumanity to man

Boxed in this filament of excrement by insouciant eyes and caring guise of Americanism

Here she is 91 92 next month how did it ever get to this-if she lost her mind at least she wouldn’t  know what was goin

it’s impossible to assemble the disassembled mind of heroes

they are substitutes for the eventuality of what you consider irrelevant but to them it was relevant

Foreplay v Wordplay and John Paul

Sexting the answer to unresolved sexual desire minus the complications of the thre main characters in the play possession-jea

This child expressed that autonomic corpus cross only a child can in the face of a mammoth oceanic wave:Creator you’re the best

the innocense of children inspires thoughts of hope creativity cherishment and beauty

lucid diary 2 of yr 2000: a flowing of the mind filled with angst with nothing with too much with them with amour-propre

exclusion zone of the internal explosion only felt by the beauty of beautiful the sex of surgeon

the wayfarer coiled around the sea draining it of dreams subsumed by anodyne insinuations and fuck you’s

when the sea subsumes you with its watery gift of sinking pulls you down WITH WORDS and FLOAT

Passive Suicide Engineered by the Pain Principle

Passive Suicide Engineered by the Pain Principle With pleasure comes pain as day follows night-Monday Tuesday-full moon new mo

Passive suicide engineered by the pleasure principle BODIES BY JOSIE LONG BBC4

Passive suicide can be inculcated by outside forces unknown to the individual. It's a form of monomania from where there is no

Violent liar kills your inner self treating you like a dog:the dog was lucky

LIAR signs he listens to squeals of my dog dying in his mother’s house by hanging the signs= he cries-threats-manipulates

Raw material is sculpted to divine intervention by you

there is the inner man who wants the strange woman to fuck-he likes it so does she

When the world is in a state of chassis, where the humans don’t think they are part of nature-but nature itself-the Earth needs to be left alone-when a child runs the world with no plan