golden thread

I drank you from a cup of coffee today

I drank you from a cup of coffee today There were your foamed initials resting incomprehensibly on the hot fluid. It felt awkw

When Inside everyone is controlled hatred if there wasn’t society wouldn’t work. When it is let out by the masked savages of Cavan:Chickens-Bullies- there’s uncontrollable hatred let lose on humanity. Don’t talk to me of save the environment. It is dead.

Inside everyone is controlled hatred if there wasn't society wouldn't work. When it is let out by the masked savages of Cavan-

When a Skylark feels death his brain sings an ode to joy for what was, is, will be

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When it’s Always Two-way

when the inexplicable happens it is fate emerging from us it can't be controlled

When I’m Scared of the Fear you Project-What is it About Us

When something arises beyond the knowledge that already exists an immolation begins inside of us. He is the match and I am the

When the Magic Shines From Your Eyes

It’s time to pray

it's when you see it and it dissolves right in front of you you know it's alchemical.

Cumulonimbus Waiting for Vesuvius’ Eruption

Dionysus was a man of wine, fun, wildness and not to be played with. He rewarded those who helped him with vines and wine. He

The muse knows his flesh and bones we are human afraid, dark and coruscating all at once

he knows ok

when pure energy walks in it's time to get on your knees and prey

how this dream exposed itself unknowingly with the golden fleece

The willpower paradox is the idea that people may do things better by focusing less directly on doing them, implying that the

the slice of life cut on the crust-he’s hot toast

you can' tell from the unexpected what to expect- feel the burn

the unexpected ending at the end of breath- agonal

pure whispers in the sounds- look -there-feel it-now

delicate strength whips up a frenzy

Tender is the Cumulus

Rows of houses, all bearing down on me I can feel their blue hands touching me All these things into position All these things

Everything in its right place

Everything in Its Right Place Radiohead Kid A, kid A Kid A, kid A Everything Everything Everything Everything In its right pla


SKYLLA (Scylla) was a sea-monster who haunted the rocks of a narrow strait opposite the whirlpool of Kharybdis (Charybdis). S

Blue fluid

The Mousai goddesses of music, song and dance, and the source of inspiration to poets.They were also goddesses of knowledge, w

temporal paradox baiser

kissed to death by the heart of man anchored in space.

anterior disintegrates

PORPHYRION was the King of the Gigantes who was struck down by Herakles and Zeus with arrows and lighning bolt when he attempt

corpus morphology

moore’s paradox

Believe that P often Not always Asserts P Alternatively Contradiction The first Step To absurdity Don’t Assert Enough Or Too

Bonini’s Paradox

Equinox Standing before me Out of context And Complex My brain is Inert with gossamer Tinged Dark Violet and red Consumed He i







St Peter’s Paradox and the Golden Thread 3

hold tight the thread can cut don't let go you'll be swept up in rapture

St Peter’s paradox and the Golden Thread 2

hold tight the thread can cut don't let go you'll be swept up in rapture

Protected: reverberations of him as he runs through my blood

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Róisín Amen

Róisín Amen Un hommage à elle