embrassé à mort

Succumb Time EMC AOD 10.30 11.11.2016

Succumb Time EMC AOD 10.30 11.11.2016 The Seirenes are coming Dead! Dying. What is my mind on about, she thought. That’s

tempestuousness in the beautiful man cannot be contained

tempestuousness in the beautiful man cannot be contained in this already restrained animal. the constant and consistent demand

Unquenchable pleasure:why-how-id-FROM THE HEART JOSIE LONG BBC4

https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0007wvz   JOSIE LONG Unquenchable pleasure:why-how-id  

Death cuts you up and you can’t explain fucking why. Is it the way it came from nowhere, somewhere out there. The silence that’s not visible until you feel it then it wraps all in a visceral explosion of grief.

when death cuts you up-lying there waiting for God

When touching myoclonus the ocean will wash over you: breathe softly

myoclonus is a state of cusp on deeper oceanic sleep. A sense of unsettling tidal waves breaking over your body. Intoxicated b

When He Has to Think About Sex. Call Rodin!

when he has to think about sex call Rodin! sex sends voltaic shivers down the spine of even the most ardent hot igneous man bu

The muse knows his flesh and bones

https://youtu.be/RIZdjT1472Y we are human afraid, dark and coruscating all at once


which is right which is left he has created an internal coriolis effect.

What would Lucretius say- pacify your lover into homotopy

Lucretius says-Happy is he who has discovered the causes of things and has cast beneath his feet all fears,unavoidable fate, a

the slice of life cut on the crust-he’s hot toast

you can' tell from the unexpected what to expect- feel the burn

Paroxysmal longitude extends beyond

The Killing Moon- Echo and the Bunnymen-you’re inside-

in the cosmos hold on he's coming


what is this name! your mother sister daughter shame

Maybe it’s Sophocles

Maybe it’s Sophocles THE ELAPHOS KERYNITIS (or Cerynitian Hind) was a golden-horned deer sacred to the goddess Artemis.

temporal paradox baiser

kissed to death by the heart of man anchored in space.

Protected: reverberations of him as he runs through my blood

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