America captures the hearts minds money of the Never endings of Never Prey on the Prey-we were victims of the knife cutting he went into my soul. He took my arm, cut it and I don't know how it happened but we were destiny. She said he said they can't speak shut up and fuck me.
the pigs on your back
splurt here comes the volcanic eruption of heat and passion
engineering passive suicide
is it beyond the scope of the mind to iterate every nuance

When it is beyond the scope of the mind to iterate every nuance When I opened that silver box-something happened- Hemingway Happened-Durcan Happened-Kenneally Happened-Heaney Happened-Plath Happened-Duffy Happened-Peter Happened-Andrew Happened-Huxley Happened-Styron Happpened-Spinoza Happened………on and on Larkin o fuck all this fuck this shoddy deliverance from untold celery seeds sprouting on the cold steel scalpel scratching the


When a heart is served inadvertently on a plate to a man of pantomime it elucidates actions beyond comprehension. He is a stranger or is it she is the stranger, two strangers look at each other in a tempestuous whirl. Then looking through the glass bottom magnified a thousand times she falls into his philosophically

When a Skylark undulates before you-hear its sweet song
When his roots grow deeper than a primative drive and art stimulates it
When his Magnetic Resonance is Hard to Reconcile
When White Isn't Strong Enough to Resist the Invasion
When he Fell From the Sky at My Feet
When He's as Crazy Complex as Dante's Inferno