Cultural Cruelity

Once upon a time a dream a time an ocean came and said tide waits for you but no other

Irritant4 Triggers

Triggers good or bad have to have aim pull fire. Those in the know-know what triggers do. They are like cues. You want to crea

Irritant1: language of vacillation

Possibly , maybe, probable, probably, generally, it seems. there’s a chance. it could, it should, language of indecision

Ares on the Light

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Inside Me a Swarm Pullulates in the Undergrowth

America captures the hearts minds money of the Never endings of Never Prey on the Prey

A little shreek like a lobster plunged into a boiling pot came from her throat-trying to stifle it her heart bobbed in her ch

Sleep is temporary death time -being dead is time entwined eternally

She knew death temporarily waking up after her hip operation-a knee operation-a broken pelvis-she was knocked unconscious at l

Succumb Time EMC AOD 10.30 11.11.2016

Succumb Time EMC AOD 10.30 11.11.2016 The Seirenes are coming Dead! Dying. What is my mind on about, she thought. That’s

The American Mould-Nearer my God to Thee-silently praying in votive adoration-wishing-hoping for Divine Intervention and Expiration

When it came to be Nearer to God and the chips were down-others clung on vice like to the old trunk-like larva to a leaf nothi

the locust plague of unquestioning unctuousness is detrimental to all living things diving into the prurient pit

you settle in your mind that brings are as they seem then Midas appears

deep intense lover savaged by the mocking inane and orgulous society who rips (rip) your heart out and gnaws it

asking unwittingly but the depth of hatred evolves into a smirky smile of distaste: you can see it in their eyes- smell it o

it started on the edge of reason when there is in fact no reasonableness in the purity of reason: only destruction

the human is the must convoluted complexing lying charlatan to ever have graced my earthly space

life as we know it is a sequence of detritus buried by sincere insincerity 

watching their faces landscaped with sincerity that’s A moment It passes you are forgotten And they make

Passive suicide engineered by the pleasure principle BODIES BY JOSIE LONG BBC4

Passive suicide can be inculcated by outside forces unknown to the individual. It's a form of monomania from where there is no

Engineering Passive Suicide

Engineering Passive Suicide Engineering something is easy once you know how. The easiest thing to engineer is behaviour. Peopl

When it is another day it’s another story

when it's another day it's another story, you can't change it even though you think you've freedom it's already set. Don't fig

When it is beyond the scope of the mind to iterate every nuance

When it is beyond the scope of the mind to iterate every nuance When I opened that silver box-something happened- Hemingway Ha

When Inside everyone is controlled hatred if there wasn’t society wouldn’t work. When it is let out by the masked savages of Cavan:Chickens-Bullies- there’s uncontrollable hatred let lose on humanity. Don’t talk to me of save the environment. It is dead.

Inside everyone is controlled hatred if there wasn't society wouldn't work. When it is let out by the masked savages of Cavan-

When hell as a metaphor isn’t adequate to describe what lies ahead in Ithaca-i want to cry

When the Dream is Unfolding the Beautiful Man

When the Dream is Unfolding the Beautiful Man.

When he Can’t Help his Inner Daemon Screaming

When a Surgeon Imbricates Perception Beyond the Scope of Reality

when an inkling becomes written in the blood of love running through veins

Beautiful Skin-Walker Within the Coyote

the skinwalker shifts and shapes in embodiement with abandonment

Where you’re taken don’t ask

Seeing darkness as he unfurls enters and kills

Lick it

Settle just settle STOP trying to Lick the 🔥 inside  

Knowing Fever

Knowing Fever

Maybe Not Knowing is Truth

maybe not knowing is truth


wild raven I'm losing my mind over thee pecking my quivering💓 now flowen off

Suffer Little Children-Christ’s Cross of Misery ‘Hell on Earth’

The Vatican is a recluse for paedophiles, drawn there for the power and their control over young children.

It’s time to pray

it's when you see it and it dissolves right in front of you you know it's alchemical.



the muse is a paraph doing a trigmotropic dance with my mind

the muse is a paraph doing a trigmotropic dance with my heart


which is right which is left he has created an internal coriolis effect.


When the muse immersion begins it's an unknown. Nothing can prepare you for the excoriation FUCK.


he's a deep throat specialist

he knows ok

when pure energy walks in it's time to get on your knees and prey

Muse is killing me (metaphorically)

craving is mythically deeper than the Aegean sea where the Nereids come to help with your distress

muse makes love behind the mask

all it takes is one kiss then surrender to the fathomless

How a Muse Buds’please forgive me’ david gray

How the Muse buds Everything matters. Like a hose kinking it’s when the water stops that you notice. You become irritated an

What would Lucretius say- pacify your lover into homotopy

Lucretius says-Happy is he who has discovered the causes of things and has cast beneath his feet all fears,unavoidable fate, a

women the fairer sex? caring kind killers, role with it

pharma beneficiaries cloud the spatiotemporal coordinnates

a savage stream of peuce/peuke


Youth and abundance where the cup does not overflow:preyed on

The paradox of youth No it’s not all about you It’s useful to see how stars form in order to understand the root of th

Paroxysmal longitude extends beyond

His other aspect

the Canadian knows how to cripple affects

Opium elixir of breath1

opium elixer of breath1

Opium elixir of breath

Jordan Peterson: Cries Over Question Cutting To The Bone

Tempus temporal

Therapist THE*RAPIST

children easy targets for the tumescent

Riders On The Storm Ripped Slowly Apart

this world rips us in and tears us out with cruelty inbetween