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Meeting Death

meeting death

falling from the universe he landed at my


he was soft, strong and


what a fright to give to


picking him up I knew

he was my


meeting death
meeting death
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the unexpected ending at the end of breath- agonal

the unexpected ending at the end of breath

the unexpected ending at the end of breath-agonal

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when the prey are prayed upon it’s too late

when the prey are prayed upon it's too late

siobhan dempsey artist

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Opium elixir of breath1

Opium elixer on breath

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Jordan in complete TEARS talking about the lack of encouragement in Society”

Embody the good story

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anterior disintegrates

anterior disintegrates


PORPHYRION was the King of the Gigantes who was struck down by Herakles and Zeus with arrows and lighning bolt when he attempted to rape the goddessHera during the Giant War.

He is probably the same as Eurymedon, who is named King of the Gigantes by Homer.

There are several possible etymologies for his name. It might derive from the word porphyreôs, “the surging,” referring to both the surges of the battlefield and of the sea. Another similar word porphyrô means “gleaming darkly.” The comedian Aristophanes in his play the Birds connects Porphyrion and his brother Alkyoneus with two birds, the purple-coot (Greek porphyriôn) and the halcyon (alkyôn).