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  • 8Roche
    erosion is slow like a pip wiped out on a briarthe deviant eats and gnaws away castigating the hairsbreadth of the day, the Roche  subtle covered holding


flayed the sun rests on the broom  here

come here feel your breast little one the thicket is

dark the gossamer swaddles venial lips purging free form

laid down breathless no one saw it come

Concrete Creation

How full can you be? how riddled to thinness can there be gluttony
Gluttoned with concretisation desecration fake creation
Fattened calves patented and extended homogenised
By the hyperbole of marke-tears.
Held together by invisible chains
too tired to care and protest watch the child
Cry cry humpty dumpty broken
Hail hosanna queen mother Mary earth iconised with your
Disguised with cold clear marble stone
Coloured in votive appreciation hiding the scars and crucified minds
Lady lady mother Mary quite contrary our garden does not grow, our pantheist stabbed in the heart
The well is full with dryness sucking and anthropomorphising what’s not but thinking it is.
Nature nature mother nature your us not thee mother Mary
Nature only has to sit back and wait.We don’t need much help with our incestuous hateContrary to the adage ‘knowledge economy’ we become distant. Incongruent. Uncalibrated.  Disjointed. Destroyed.The complexity of the want and Fuck u mind is the only economy birthed from this new notion of knowledge acquisition= economyDumb witsSave the world they are killing it.

Nature watches the self cannibalisation

Disequilibrium based on disconnection from self

Alienation employs what it knows best: terror, we rust inside

kill yourselves oh how sad,schadenfreude


fat, thin, immoral, lies  Excuses excuses excuses
the descent comes and unfolds slowly pours and controls
Senseless  shallow disguised=power
The cat kills the king, the moon hangs there
misericordia, misericordia, misericordia
mercy,mercy,mercy, fallacious fellatio, on your knee’s to thee highest in heaven
the thunder of the thrush hidden in the scrub
hold on wait ,hear me
child, tender child
little tweet, honest on the snow
golden strands vomit, gurgle
Bottled up
The sounding and seeing entity
Where the under is over and the on is off
Close your mind down
hear the stringless guitar playing man
having pissed in his coke bottle now HANGS silently
How can a belly so full of worldly angst take the silent tune and hear the unheard of.
How did others implant this ennui onto one who can’t spit it out into their faces?
INTO their empty,  so called educated,  fatuous and  self-serving faces
But turns it inwards and onto nature EXECUTED they weep empty tears