America captures the hearts and minds and money of the endings

Nighty off.

Blackness lifted her off the wheelchair and lowered her into the uncomfortably cold water.
Oh, oh  she stuttered.

Lifting up one breast with the nonchalance of a child licking a lollipop, blackness rubbed it lifting the soft swelling flesh up cleaning under it and around- pushing it to her underarm then he cupped it and let cold water drip off her erect nipple.

Defence versus determination.

She closed her eyes.
She felt it.


Blackness lifted the other breast this time he kept rubbing the nipple-intermittently washing her neck rubbing the foamy water behind her neck holding her with one arm around her back his hand under her arm pit-washing with the other always returning to her nipple and her plump soft breast.

Squeezing softly and lifting-holding and jiggling-lust screaming.
Mercy you must come.


She closed her eyes then opened them.

Under and over her breasts he gathered them together like two pearls in an oyster a sensation ran though her-a knowing sensation from years ago years and years and years ago-an out of place defilement but also stimulating those latent long dead senses.

Indifference said ‘you ok there I’ll get the towels back in 10’
‘Sure’ Blackness said ‘I can manage here’
He stared at her then lifted a lazy breast up and licked it-licked its faded reddy brown nipple and looked at it.
Scared and stimulated she closed her eyes.
Maybe he’ll drown me.

Rubbing her leg he built up a lather by running his hand up and down-up and down the scaley skin.
Meanwhile he kept her from slipping into the water by keeping his arm around her back.


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