When Ra was particularly incensed by this daedal earthly, beautiful, intervening sorcerer he had to delve in….

Amidst all this rhythm and concord Apophis God of Chaos reigned happily. This earthly creative human made his hypnotic stare more powerful.

But to Ra who every night tried to sail to the underworld for rebirth and renewal, got caught out-not by Apophis but the earthly sorcerer who wanted her for himself.

This human was created from his sweat and tears and this byzantine situation created more nefarious worldly archetypes than anticipated. 


The beautiful sorcerer will feel Sekhmet’s breath kiss his face, her breath the wind created the desert, she is the daughter daughter of Ra.

Ra sent his eye to her to solve this type of human involvement in underworldly rebirths.

She is the  fiercest of hunters and Goddess of healing. Her breath will blow around him and  as a fierce hunter, she wears the head of a lion, patience and stealth is her game. 

She is: before whom evil trembles-mistress of dread-lady of slaughter and she who mauls.


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