Adonis I love You Windflower 1

Adonis I Love You Windflower

He landed at my feet: unknown, uninvited, beautiful- sensual and striding towards me.
As if struck by Zeus’ thunderbolt he walked faster his face reddened and he became more beautiful with this surge of energy, he started to speak some unintelligible utterance to those around him or was it to me what do you want? Let me go. Go away..

Is this Adonis?

Closer and closer- who the fuck are you- his pupils locked onto mine for a nanosecond black and blacker deep and intense something moved into me-his self entered my being and I fell in instant love. Where was I? And what the fuck is going on!!

That sounds crazy. Weird even. Implausible. Over the top. Dreamer. IMPOSSIBLE. Magic. Quantum Entanglement.

Minutes, hours, time now was on oblivion o clock he landed again and seated himself at the end of my bed. Looking as nonchalantly as he could, he smiled harbouring something- but said nothing. Was it what I was thinking? Were we on the same ecstasy radar veering closer to the zenith.

Surely not! why not -love, sex, attraction, desire are not accountable to anything ontological.

I was thinking please come here,come closer-kiss me- passionately. Beautiful man.

Instead, afraid that I might actually say that I said zero, just looked brusquely and discombobulated, uncomfortable and shy. I quietened what was going on in my mind. Please dear God help me. Shut up. Don’t let me speak my mind. STOP. SILENCE.

Saliva slithered down my throat then my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth, my mouth now dry completely, I felt queasy. His compatriot who stood there looked at me as confusedly as I looked at the radiance that was melting me.

Wish I could cry-tears are the sluice gates to hell. Keep them in at all costs.

I started to feel sick. Sick and confused. In love and confused. Confused and sick. In love sick confused.

So many things hanging off me maybe it’s the wrong place I’m in. Tied up I couldn’t move, looking around I was being monitored.

Maybe this isn’t happening and I’ll wake up. It’s a wet dream about Aphrodite chasing Adonis.

What’s that on my wrist!


Adonis I love you wildflower
adonis wildflower

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