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Crucifying Climax PK CATHROOM sometim 11.11.2016

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Crucifying Climax PK CATHROOM sometime 11.11.2016

Inserted with a Fluid Fixed Kiss

A light switch is flicked, her eyes open she gasps with release from that unknown place. La petite morte the French call it.

She felt a rush of warm heightened fuzzy feelings through her veins. The after affect.

She wants to turn over and back to the apogee.

‘Its ok’ she heard a voice whispering close to her ear ‘you fainted’

‘Who is that’ Sickly fear was back, the dream was over and the relief vanished.


She is boomeranged back to the melee and to whatever was going on.

Back to the future, the light, the white room, the blue people, Mr Earnest, her corporeality.

Now an amorphous phantom Mr Earnest was tense looking.


Ahhhhhh my leg, my leg she screamed silently. She felt she was imposing with this intermittent cry out. An electrical current torpedoes down her limb.

The pain Oh God she was muted by pain.

‘What is she saying’? said Mr Earnest.

The mask again it shuts her down.

Now of its own volition the leg levitates she is in agony.

capturing meShe tries to force it down but the brain and body are not talking, then she glances down at her foot and with all her strength wills it back, Christ nothing.

She feels like an imposter in a room of strangers in a room full of dread.

Someone is standing at the end of her bed.

They slowley ease her leg back to where it came from .

Desperate to move herself away from this fuss she is stuck and immovable.

Getting from where she was to where she has ended up was a fugue.

Mr Earnest stepped back; she couldn’t comprehend this moment or any of the previous ones.

She was wheeled into another room away from the bizarre.

Brown eyes appeares, he is talking to her she is answering feeling amnesic, forlorn, frightened.

What Happened!




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