Fat, thin, immoral, lies excuses, excuses, excuses The descent comes and unfolds slowly pours and controls Senseless shallow disguised=power The cat kills the king, the moon hangs there


Delusion Complex

Yes we have the superiority complex, the mother complex, the inferiority complex and we have Jung and Freud to thank for these unholy complexes.

Now the Delusion Complex comes from an area known a solipsism. This is a philosophic term.  And so it goes ‘It’s  mine and it will be shaped according to me’.

Others have to try and fit, but what if you don’t fit or don’t want to fit.

Then delusion complex can take you into a violent and vicious world. Their anger is  silent and cunning: manipulation its core.

It is never called to action until someone disagrees with it. They are charisma itself. Sweet as pie with a  large dose of arsenic. Watch out.